Eco Friendly World - Recycling, Compsosting and Re-using


Recycling is the practice of reusing a certain kind of material in another form. This material can be clothes, plastics, metals or anything else that can be used again for another purpose. Recycling is important because it saves land space and money while creating new jobs. It also saves energy and reduces water and air pollution.


Composting is a practice that is done by taking your kitchen scraps and making use of them for another purpose. In essence, this can be considered a form of recycling. By taking the time to compost your waste, you reduce the amount that is sent to landfills and contributes to the pollution. Studies show that up to 30 percent of the waste that is sent to landfills is organic material that can be composted at home.

Recycling Crafts

Recycling crafts make recycling a fun project for both adults and children alike. By turning a recycling task into a project for your kids to make a craft, you make it something fun for your children to look forward to. Not only do your children get in the habit of recycling at a young age, this also enhances their creativity. Recycling crafts can be done with just about any type of material as long as you use your imagination.