Gardening for Kids

Gardening isn’t just for adults. Children can also experience the joys of gardening while learning about nature. Gardening is a rewarding experience for kids because they are able to see the results of their work as the plants grow. This activity also teaches children responsibility, as they must continue to care for their garden to ensure the health of their plants. 

Kids Gardening: A website dedicated to teaching kids how to raise healthy gardens.

My First Garden: A website that teaches the basics of gardening and provides resources for parents planning a garden with their children.

No Dig Vegetable Garden: A page with quick and easy gardening activities for children.

Kids' Gardening Tips: Ten tips for gardening with kids successfully.

Kinder Garden: An introduction to gardening with children.

Gardening for Kids with Disabilities: A page with information about the benefits of gardening for disabled children.

16 Tips for Wildlife Gardening with Kids: A page with suggestions for creating a children's garden at home.

Science Experiments: Science experiments related to gardening.

Aquatic Gardening

Aquatic gardening involves creating a garden that includes ponds, waterfalls or fountains. Some gardeners also include lighting and elaborate rockwork. Aquatic gardens range in size from small plastic tubs to large natural ponds. These gardens may also contain aquatic wildlife, such as fish or turtles.

Water Gardening: Tips and suggestions for aquatic gardening.

The Water Garden: Step-by-step instructions for creating an aquatic garden.

Site Selection: Tips for choosing the best site for a water garden.

Plant Selection: A guide for selecting the appropriate plants for an aquatic garden.

Pond Edging: Information about edging around garden ponds. 

Plant Profiles: Detailed information about typical aquatic garden plants.

Water Gardens and Wildlife: A detailed article about the relationships between various animals and aquatic gardens.

Water Gardeners International: A website that provides information for beginner and veteran aquatic gardeners.

Organic Gardening

Organic gardeners subscribe to the philosophy that the best plants grow out of healthy soil. Most organic gardeners avoid the use of pesticides and other chemicals in their gardens. Instead, these gardeners cultivate their crops using the most natural methods possible. Organic gardeners typically use mulches, manure, mineral supplements, and compost to improve the quality of garden soil. A website with multiple resources for organic gardeners of all skill levels.

Organic Gardening Guru: A beginner's guide to organic gardening.

Joy of Gardening: A page with organic gardening tips.

Backyard Composting- PDF: An article that describes the process of backyard composting.

Introduction to Organic Gardening- PDF: An article that explains organic gardening.

Practice Organic Weed Control: A page with instructions for controlling weeds in an organic garden.

Pests: Information about dealing with pests in organic gardens.

Sustainable Gardening: A page with information on sustainable gardening.

Gardening for Butterflies

A butterfly garden is a garden that is designed to attract butterflies. Butterfly gardens typically contain flowers with nectar that butterflies like to eat. Butterfly gardens often feature ample sunlight and little wind. They may also have flat stones for butterflies to rest on and a nearby water source.

Monarch Watch: Tips for creating a butterfly garden that attracts the monarch butterfly.

Butterfly Gardening: A site with a wealth of information on gardening for butterflies.

Butterfly Gardening Guide: An article that provides instructions for butterfly gardening.

Butterfly Gardening Basics: A page with basic information about gardening for butterflies.

How to Make Butterfly Gardens: A page with information about the types of plants that attract butterflies.

Butterfly Basics: General information about butterflies.

Garden Design: A sample design for a butterfly garden.

Butterfly Gardening Tips: General tips for creating a flourishing butterfly garden.

Gardening for Birds

Some gardeners design their gardens to attract different species of birds. Birds are pleasant to look at, and many people enjoy the sounds they make. Most bird gardens contain flowers that entice birds, as well as a bird feeder or bath. Many bird gardens also contain nesting sites.

Urban Gardening for Birds: Information about creating a garden for birds in the city.

Gardening for Birds: An article that provides information on designing a garden that attracts birds.

Landscaping and Gardening for Birds-PDF: An article with tips on landscaping for bird gardens. 

Bird Gardens: An article with basic information about bird gardening.

Planting Flowers for Birds: A page with information about the flowers that attract birds.

Landscaping to Attract Birds: A page that talks about the benefits of landscaping for birds and provides tips.

8 Ways to Attract Birds and Butterflies: Tips on creating a bird or butterfly garden.

Attracting Hummingbirds: A list of flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control in Gardens

Pest removal is an important part of garden maintenance. However, many pest removal products are harmful to the environment. Moreover, people who are creating a garden for the purpose of attracting animals, such as birds or butterflies, must avoid chemical pesticides at all costs. To protect the environment, some gardeners use only environmentally friendly pest control methods. These methods are natural and aren’t harmful to the environment.

Pesticides and the Environment: A page that discusses the interaction between pesticides and the environment.

Banish Pesticides: An article that suggests safe alternatives to chemical pesticides.

Natural Pest Control: Basic information about natural pest control methods.

Attracting Beneficial Wildlife: A page that discusses a popular method of natural pest control.

Organic Pest Control: 10 strategies for organic pest control.

Pest Control for Beginners: A beginner's guide to natural pest control methods.

Common Garden Pests: A page with links to information about common garden pests.

Home, Garden, Turf, and Landscape Pests: A page with information about environmentally friendly methods of pest control.

Herb Gardening

Herb gardens are specialized gardens used for growing herbs at home. Gardeners may create herb gardens both indoors and outdoors. The herbs harvested from the garden are typically used for their perfumes, for decorating, or for cooking. Some people may also use garden herbs to treat illnesses. A website with in-depth information about herb gardening.

Common Herbs: A list of common herbs grown in home gardens.

Growing Herbs: Basic information for beginning herb gardeners.

Herb Garden Guide: Tips for herb gardening.

Indoor Herb Gardens: An article about indoor herb gardening.

Planting Herbs: Tips for planting an herb garden.

Organic Herb Gardening: Tips for creating an organic herb gardening.

Herb Gardening: Things to consider when designing an herb garden.